About Us

Arkan Felez Co
Arkan Felez Industrial Group is registered under management of Mr.M.A.Rahmani on Oct.1984 at Qazvin IRAN. We are active in food, cosmetics and chemical industries.
This company in past years has extended the scope of activities by purchasing Fooladan Co. (Reg. No. 1150) as well as Arkan Tarh Alborz (Reg. No. 4232).
Nowadays Arkan Felez Industrial Group (Incl. Arkan Felez, Fooladan and Arkan Tarh Alborz Companies) is active in design, manufacture, installation and start up of food and chemical production lines as well as following issues:

  • The first manufacturer of automatic capping machine for metal caps in Iran.
  • The first manufacturer of Vinegar production machine (based on Ethanol.)
  • The first and the biggest manufacturer of vacuum mixer homogenizer based on German technologies (both in Food and Cosmetic fields with the highest varieties and number of produced unit).

ARKAN FELEZ INDUSTRIAL GROUP has played a key role in modernizing Iranian factories, and has relieved them from importing foreign machines and succeeded even in exporting many machines to the neighboring countries. We take pride in delivering high-end, innovative products for small and large companies. We are also quick to respond to after sales service requests. In the end, you are invited to check our products in the following pages. For further details please visit our website.

Best regards,
M.Ali Rahmani
Managing Director