Vacuum Mixer homogenizer

  • Vacuum Mixer homogenizer based on Koruma (made in Germany)
  • Jacketed Vessels in different capacities: 8, 300,500,700,1000,1300,1800,2000 and 2400 liters
  • Suitable for producing: hot and cold sauces, pharmaceutical and cosmetic creams, gel, hair color, lotion, hair paste, skin mask, ointment, toothpaste, agricultural pesticides, kids food, etc.
  • Simultaneous dispersion, homogenization, and emulsion.
  • System for adding powders and liquids without need to opening the vessel cap (all loading by vacuum)
  • Homogenizer pump by different power to adapt to the vessel volume and product viscosity.
  • Vacuum pump and vacuum sensor to maintain pre-set vacuum level to the end of the process
  • Embedded CIP nozzles to clean the machine at the end of process
  • Scraper shaft and blades for inner surface of vessel


  • Dosing of row materials by means of load cell and/or flow meter
  • Secondary homogenizer on side tank (for pre-mix)
  • Adjustable scraper/homogenizer speed by means of inverter
  • Turbine mixer for installation on VMH-700 and bigger models
  • Batch homogenizer inside the mixing vessel
  • Pneumatic actuators on valves
  • PLC & HMI for automatic process