Full Automatic Over Capper Machine - OCM-8.000

Over  Capper Machine
This machine is designed to sort and cap metal cans (tomato paste, solid oil, powdered milk, fish, tomato chips, coffee, etc.) with plastic lids.

  • Sorters, electromotor and relevant gearboxes
  • Designed to sort a variety of flat caps as thin as 3mm (soft or hard material)
  • All body made of stainless steel 304
  • Two photo sensors installed to automatically maintain sufficient number of plastic lids on the lid conveyer
  • Capping mechanism with and relevant inverters
  • Machine is designed according to the diameter of metal cans. Capping mechanism can be easily adjusted to meet the cans with different height (no need for change parts)
  • Different cans (in diameter) can be capped by ordering relevant change parts
  • Feed screw is installed on the conveyor to put gap between cans
  • Capping speed adjustment by means of frequency inverter
  • Adjustable pressure placing the plastic lids on top of the metal tins
  • Capping speed up to 8000 cans per hour
  • Turn table for ease of feeding tins into the machine from nearly every direction
  • Intelligent low air pressure operation suspend
  • Options
  • Mechanism for counting output tins
  • Mechanism for sorting out the lidless tins on output side