Full Automatic Capping Machine CM - 10.000

  • Capping speed: Max. 10.000 bottle per hour (Varies depending on container and cap details)
  • Approximate machine dimensions: 280×1000×3000mm
  • Equipped with 6 heads adjustable to speed revolution
  • Equipped with lateral anti abrasion belts for adjustable for various diameter of bottles
  • Equipped with inverter and digital monitor
  • Equipped with elevator and automatic cap sorter
  • Suitable for metal/plastic caps in sizes 38 to 120mm
  • Nearly no need to change parts for similar sizes of cap and container
  • Adjustable for glasses with height of 25 to 300mm
  • All covers are made of stainless steel
  • Famous international brands for all motor gearboxes and electronic parts
  • All motor gearboxes are apart from contact with water and detergent
  • Equipped with frequency inverter


  • Magnetic elevator and sorter
  • CM20000 model for capping speed higher than 10.000 bottle per hour
  • 8 heads adjustable rotation speed
  • Integrated sub-cap steaming