Vacuum Deaerator Machine


  • In the process of production of semi-solid and high viscosity liquids, bubbles of air (or other gasses) entrap in the chemicals. This not only causes unwanted effects like oxidation (oil run rancid in the products), change of taste, color, smell, and reduction of expiration but also reduces density of the products and subsequently leads to packaging problems.
  • Deaerator Machine based on German Koruma is ideal solution to remove entrapped aireffectively in grease type semi-solid, viscous products.
  • This machine acts like a filter to remove all the entrapped air from semi-solid products (all kinds of creams, sauce, hair color, ointment, lotion, toothpaste, etc.) giving your products a smooth texture and attractive gloss.
  • It is recommended to be installed right after mixer or right before the filler machine.
  • Suitable for Food Industry, Cosmetic Industry, Pharmaceutical, and Chemical Industry.